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12 Genius Travel Gadgets for New Zealand


Travel gadgets that you didn’t know you needed…

… Until now! Yes, these travel gadgets are so ridiculously genius! Make your gap year in New Zealand a breeze with the helping hand of a solar panel backpack, a filtration drinking straw, and a, erm, stained underpants safe? Whether it’s to keep your valuables safe or charge your phone in dire situations, we have listed all the a the must-have travel gadgets for New Zealand!

Some of these gadgets will be a life-saver out on a hike or when hostel resources are scarce, whereas some gadgets are so funny we can’t resist sharing them with you anyway. So add a few more handy travel gadgets to your backpack and you’ll be ready for the ultimate backpacking trip in New Zealand!

For more things to pack before you go, check out What to Pack for a Gap Year in New Zealand: Predeparture Checklist.

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1. Solar-powered Backpack

You can expect to be outdoors a lot while in New Zealand so energy has never been so effortless! Charge your phone/camera on-the-go with the portable solar panel which clips to the back of your day pack and connects to a power bank. Genius!

Check out the Powerfly ECO Solar Powered Backpack.

2. Emergency Blanket

If you’re hitting the hiking or biking trails of New Zealand then it’s worth adding an emergency blanket to your first aid kit. Should the worst happen, you’ll be thankful for this solar thermal blanket that, when folded in your backpack, you would never feel that you are carrying around with you. Check out Outdoor Safety When Hiking in New Zealand for more ways to keep safe in the wilderness.

Check out the SUPOW emergency blanket.

3. Gorilla pod

This is perfect for the solo traveller or anyone self-filming their experience in New Zealand. The legs of a gorilla pod wrap around pretty much anything, whether it’s trees for hiking in the forest or standing on a table to watch your amazing performance of the Haka.

Check out the JOBY GorillaPod Hybrid.


4. Car Cup Charger

Replace the old McDonald’s soda cup with the smartest thing that has ever been in your car’s cup holder. You never know when will be the next time you’ll get the opportunity to charge your phone, camera, etc. Especially when sleeping in your car. This car cup charger thing has two cigarette lighter sockets, a duel USB charger and even a bluetooth headset. Finally, the cup displays the car’s voltage and warns you if your car battery is getting low. (Start planning your car purchase in Buying a Car in New Zealand Step by Step).

Check out the SCHITEC 3 in 1 Dual USB Port Car Charger.


5. Laser Keyboard

Have you seen these laser keyboards around for a while but couldn’t justify buying one? Well, the time has finally come with you travelling in New Zealand! Carrying a laptop around the country can be a pain, while typing long-winded messages to your family and friends back home on your phone’s keypad can be more of a pain! Connect the laser keyboard to your smartphone and the problem is solved! Plus, how awesome is typing on a laser keyboard?!

Location: Check out the Mini Wireless Laser Keyboard.

6. Pelican case

The first thing to break when backpacking in New Zealand is usually your $500 phone. If you aren’t putting it in your backpack and sitting on it, you’re dropping it down a cave or getting it splashed on a boat trip. Keep your fragile valuables safe with a Pelican case! Waterproof, dustproof, crushproof… Just try to break anything in here. White water rafting guides swear by them.

Check out the Pelican 1040 Micro Case.


7. Caffeinated soap

Yes, we’re serious! Get a quick dose of caffeine to make you feel energised and refreshed. Ideal after a long flight, as it helps with jet lag. Plus, you will smell like a coffee addict! (Don’t worry, the coffee smell is not that pungent). Speaking of flights, don’t forget to check out Prepare for a Long Haul Flight.

Check out the Death Wish Coffee Co Highly Caffeinated Body Bar.

8. Coin Stash for SD Card

In the words of Gandalf: “Keep it secret; keep it safe!” Instead of carrying the One Ring through New Zealand, carry your SD card secretly and safely with this smart Convert Coin made to look like a simple unappealing Australian coin. It stops your SD card from getting scratched while keeping it in an easy-to-find place like your wallet.

Check out the Convert Coin.

9. Brief Safe

This is so disgustingly genius! Hide your valuables in these smart stained undies so there’s no way thieves are going to touch it! It has a fly-accessed 4″x10″ hidden compartment with Velcro closure to store cash, passports and all those small valuables. If you want to save some money, you could definitely make these yourself… but we’ll leave you figure that one out on your own. (If you don’t want to carry a brief safe around, why not check out 10 Ways to Keep Your Stuff Safe When Backpacking in New Zealand?

Check out the Brief Safe.

10. Wind-Up Cellphone charger

Camping, hiking or simply can’t find a free plug socket in your hostel? Then never fear because you can wind away on this for a few minutes and give your phone that extra boost! This three in one charger uses solar power, kinetic or external recharge. It’s a must-have in travel gadget for New Zealand!

Check out the Emergency Hand Crank Solar Charger.


11. GPS Watch

Keep on track with a GPS watch that captures your steps, active minutes, distance, calories burned and sleep. Retrace your steps and find new routes. It offers peace of mind when you’re out hiking. Plus, you can look back on your gap year knowing that it wasn’t all about partying but marking a new page in your fitness lifestyle!

Check out the Tom Tom Spark 3.

12. Filtration straw

Carrying bottles and bottles of water is not only heavy as hell, but it takes up a lot of much-needed space when on a multi-day hike. Take less water and accompany that with a filtration straw. It removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria. What’s more you can get a filtration bottle too!

Check out the LifeStraw or even the LifeStraw Water Bottle.









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