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5 Top Wildlife Activities in Kaikoura


Things to do in Kaikoura with wildlife.

Kaikoura is the marine mammal mecca in New Zealand so if you have any interest in marine life, then you need to stop by in Kaikoura. Choosing what wildlife activities to do in Kaikoura brings its own challenges: they are all epic! To help you narrow your options, we’ve picked five top things to do in Kaikoura with wildlife!

You’re bound to have a blast on any of the wildlife tours in Kaikoura listed below. The majority of the time, the wildlife plays ball and you’re very likely to get a chance to see whales, dolphins, seals and seabirds up-close in their natural environment. However, they are wild animals, so if your trip is unsuccessful then there’s usually an option to join another trip free of charge.

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1. Swimming with seals

One of the surprising and more affordable things to do in Kaikoura is swim with seals. On land, seals are not all that fond of humans being near them. In the water, it’s a different story! Join them in their element with a seal swimming tour in Kaikoura where you will get to put on a mask, snorkel and wetsuit and jump into the waters surrounding seal colonies. New Zealand fur seals are often very curious and even playful.

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2. Whale watching flights

Take the skies and get a unique perspective of sperm whales from above. This way, you get the opportunity to see the whole length of the whale swimming on the surface. The scenic views of Kaikoura from above are just a bonus. Additionally, this is a good way to avoid seasickness.

Book your flight with South Pacific Whale Watch.


3. Dolphin Swimming

Kaikoura’s most common dolphin are the dusky dolphins. This species is known for being playful and even acrobatic so getting in the water with them is a super fun experience. Dusky dolphins are abundant off the coast of Kaikoura meaning you could be swimming with pods of hundreds of dolphins.


4. Whale watching

Get out on the ocean and look out for Kaikoura’s locals, the sperm whales. Your expert whale watching guides have all the right tools to find them. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing a whale fluke rising into the air as it dives. There are opportunities to see all kinds of wildlife on Kaikoura’s waters so tours will stop for photos of dolphins, albatross, etc. when the opportunity arises.

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5. Albatross cruise

Marine mammals take all the glory in Kaikoura, but Kaikoura is also home to some fascinating seabirds, such as albatross! Albatross boat tours give you the opportunity to get up close to these giant seabirds and see how big these creatures really are. You’ll see many birds out on the waters, as well as having the opportunity to stop for dolphins if there’s the opportunity to.


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