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Public Transport in Palmerston North


How to get around Palmerston North

Getting around Palmerston North is cheap and easy! The city is well connected with bus routes and two taxi companies. You can even get commuter buses to the surrounding towns and the city of Wanganui.

Whatever mode of public transport you decide to take in Palmerston North, it is always best to pay with cash to avoid credit card and EFTPOS fees. For public buses in Palmerston North (and Wanganui), fares are paid either in cash or with a GoCard (see below). Bus fares within Palmerston North are a flat fee for a single one-way ticket of NZ$2.50 or NZ$2 with a GoCard. You get one free transfer onto another city service within one hour of the original ticket purchase time, but this cannot be used for return journeys.

So follow our guide to public transport in Palmerston North to see how to get around the city!

Palmerston North’s GOCARDS

The GoCard is a way of paying for Palmerston North’s (and Wanganui‘s) public transport without rummaging for change. More to the point, the GoCard gives you a discount. This card is only worth getting if you are planning on staying in Palmerston North and Wanganui a while, as you have to buy the card for NZ$12 and with NZ$5 pre-loaded travel credit. You can either top-up with a monthly fee, or with any credit amount over NZ$10.

All you need to do with the prepay smart card is load it up with some money and swipe your way on the Palmerston North buses on the electric card readers.

You can buy and load up your GoCard onboard the buses with cash or at the bus operators’ offices using cash or Eftpos. Bus operators offices in Palmerston North include: Tranzit Coachlines, Matipo Street. The i-SITE in Palmerston North also sell GoCards with the pre-loaded NZ$5 but you cannot top them up at the i-SITE.

XE - Money Transfer

Central Economic Development Agency

Public Buses in Palmerston North

The Palmerston North bus network is the main form of public transport in Palmerston North taking you to/from the city and in between Palmerston North suburbs. There are also commuter bus services to the nearby towns and cities of Ashhurst, Fielding and Wanganui. (See section below).

The main bus terminal in Palmerston North is on Main Street just outside The Square. “Outer Terminal” just refers to a bus stop where the bus will wait to make sure it is on schedule before continuing on the route of the following service, for example: when Bus 1 reaches the Outer Terminal it will stop and continue on the Bus 2 route.

Remember, you will need to signal the driver if you are at one of the quiet stops. Press the bell before you arrive at your destination (or ask the driver to tell you when you reach your destination if you do not know).

City bus services in Palmerston North include:

Bus 1. Awapuni – Main St Terminal, Square, Fitzherbert, Park, Botanical, College, Pitama, Slacks, Maxwells, Outer Terminal (and vice versa) Bus 2. Rugby – Outer Terminal, Maxwells, Long Melford, Kent, College, Maxwells, Rugby, Ferguson, West, Church, Square, Main St Terminal (and vice versa)

Bus 3. Highbury – Main St Terminal, Princess, Grey, Walding, Lombard, Cuba, Lyndhurst, Chelwood, Botanical, Highbury, Ronberg, Pencarrow, Amberley, Clarke, Dalwood, Chatsworth, Clarke, Pembroke, Outer Terminal (and vice versa) Bus 4. Takaro – Outer Terminal, Pembroke, Highbury, Havelock, Amberley, Treamine, Botanical, Liverpool, Seddon, Featherston, Rangitikei, Square, Main St Terminal (and vice versa)

Bus 5. Cloverlea – Main St Terminal, Princess, Grey, Rangitikei, Featherston, Wood, Tremaine, Gillespies, Benmore, Outer Terminal (and vice versa) Bus 6. Milsonand –Outer Terminal, Bennett, JFK, Fairs, Rennie, Holdsworth, Aspiring, JFK, Langley, Fairs, Milson, Ruahine, Broadway, Princess, Main St Terminal (and vice versa)

Bus 7. Rhodes – Main St Terminal, Princess, Grey, Rangitikei, Tremaine, Kelvin Grove, McLeavey, Roberts, Peter Hall, Hillcrest, Rhodes, Outer Terminal (and vice versa) Bus 8. Roslyn – Outer Terminal, Rhodes, Kaimanawa, Tremaine, Vogel, Featherston, Rangitikei, Square, Main St Terminal (and vice versa)

Bus 9. Rangiora – Main St Terminal, Princess, Broadway, Ruahine, Koromiko, Rangiora, Vogel, Clyde, Vogel, Napier, Limbrick, Brightwater, Outer Terminal (and vice versa) Bus 10. Brightwater – Outer Terminal, Parkland, Manson, Fitzroy, Ferguson, Ruahine, Pahiatua, Albert, College, Fitzherbert, Square, Main St Terminal (and vice versa)

Bus 31. Fernlea – Main St Terminal, Main, Napier, Roberts, Fernlea, Schnell, Brooklyn Heights, James, Parnell, Outer Terminal (and vice versa) Bus 32. Heights – Outer Terminal, Roberts, Mihaere, Keith, Main, Main St Terminal (and vice versa)

Bus 33. Summerhill (Monday-Friday) – Main St Terminal, The Square, Fitzherbert Ave, Summerhill Dr, Ruapehu Dr, Pacific Dr, IPU, Summerhill Dr, Tennent Dr, Fitzherbert Ave, The Square, Main St Terminal (and vice versa)

Bus 12. Massey
Main Terminal, Square, Fitzherbert, to Massey (and vice versa)

Bus 12A. Massey
Main Terminal, Princess, Ferguson, Albert, Pahiatua, Manawatu, Albert, Ihaka, Te Awe Awe, Fitzherbert to Massey (and vice versa)

Bus 12B. Massey
Ferguson, Rugby, Maxwells, College, Fitzherbert to Massey (and vice versa)

Bus 12C. Massey
Princess, Grey, Ward, Featherston, Bryant, Chelwood, Botanical, Park, Fitzherbert, Massey (and vice versa)

Bus 14. IPC
Main Terminal, Fitzherbert, Tennant, Summerhill, Ruapehu, Pacific, IPC (and vice versa)

Bus 15. Massey
Main Terminal, Fitzherbert, Te Awe Awe, Jickell, Centennial, to Hokowhitu Campus, Massey (and vice versa)

Michal Klajban on Wikipedia

Commuter Buses to/from Palmerston North

Palmerston North to Ashhurst (Cash – NZ$4, GoCard – NZ$3)

Main St Terminal, Main St, Napier Rd, York St, Cambridge Ave, Oxford St, Wyndham St, Cambridge Ave, Worcester St, Sailsbury St, Mulgarve St, Cambridge Ave (and vice versa)

Commuter bus between Palmerston North and Wanganui (Cash – NZ$10, GoCard – NZ$8)
UCOL Wanganui, Trafalgar Square Wanganui, UCOL Palmerston North, Main Terminal Palmerston North (and vice versa)

Palmerston North to Fielding (Price depending on destination – See Horizons Regional Council for more info)

Main St Terminal, Princess St, Grey St, Rangitikei St, Featherston St, Ruahine St, Milson Line, Airport Dr, Railway Rd, Clevely Line, Stoney Creek Rd, Campbell Rd, Waughs Rd, Aorangi St, Eyre St, Manchester St, Manchester Square, Kimbolton Road, South St, West St, King St, Grey St, Manchester St, West St, North St, Duke St, Derby St, Marlborough St, North St, Kimbolton Rd, Aorangi St (and vice versa)


Palmerston North Airport Transfers & Taxis

By Bus

Take the Palmerston North to Fielding bus which has a dedicated stop at the airport terminal (see above).

By Taxi

Taxis operating outside the airport include:

  • Taxis Gold & Black
  • Taxis Palmerston North
  • Premier Cars
By Shuttle

Supershuttle operates outside of the airport.

More information about Palmerston North

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