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Public Transport in Dunedin


How to get around Dunedin.

Getting around Dunedin is super easy thanks to the extensive bus network connecting the city centre and even the furthest outer suburbs. Although Dunedin has a history of trains, cable tramlines, ferries and trolleybuses, public transport in Dunedin today is limited to buses, taxis and airport shuttles. Nevertheless, you can still experience a train journey of yesteryears on The Two Dunedin Railways which are more like scenic experiences rather than commuter trains.

Whatever mode of public transport in Dunedin that you decide to take, it is always best to pay with cash to avoid credit card and EFTPOS fees. For public buses in Dunedin, fares are paid either in cash or with a GoCard (see below). Pricing is based on how many “zones” you pass through. For more information on Dunedin bus fares, visit the Otago Regional Council website.

So follow our guide to public transport in Dunedin to see how to get around the historic university city!

Dunedin’s GoCards

The GoCard is a way of paying for Dunedin’s public transport without rummaging for change. More to the point, the GoCard gives you at least 25% off the fare price. This card is only worth getting if you are planning on staying in Dunedin (and Queenstown) a while, as you have to buy the card for NZ$5 and be topped up with a minimum of NZ$10.

All you need to do with the prepay smart card is load it up with some money and swipe your way on and off the Dunedin buses on the electric card readers.

You can buy and load up your GoCard at any Dunedin urban bus (and any Connectabus bus in Queenstown), from the Dunedin City Council Customer Service Centre in the Octagon, the Otago Regional Council office at 70 Stafford Street, Dunedin, and the University Bookshop, 378 Great King Street.

Base Hostels

Nankai at English Wikipedia

Public buses in Dunedin

The Dunedin bus network is the main form of public transport in Dunedin taking you to/from the city and in between Dunedin’s suburbs. There are two bus companies operating in Dunedin, GoBus and Ritchies that work with the Otago Regional Council so experiences between both companies are basically the same, as is the payment.

Remember, you will need to signal the driver if you are at one of the quiet stops. If a bus route says “City”, it means one of the bus stops around The Octagon (Princes Street, George Street and Cumberland Street).

The bus services in Dunedin include:

City refers to The Octagon
  • Between Normanby and St Clair via City –  Buses 8,9 –  GoBus
  • Between Normanby and St Clair via City and Macandrew Road – Buses 8A, 9A – GoBus
  • Between Waverley and Belleknowes via City – Bus 19 – GoBus
  • Between St Kilda and Halfway Bush/Brockville via City – Buses 44,55 – GoBus
  • Between Helensburgh to University – Buses 50, 51 – GoBus
  • Between Logan Park High School and Helensburgh via Anzac Ave and City – Bus 51C – GoBus
  • Between Wakari/Helensburgh/Gardens/University (on evenings/Sundays/public holidays) – Bus 69 – GoBus
  • Between Roslyn/Maori Hill/Prospect Park/University/City – Buses 66,67 – GoBus
  • Between Roslyn/Maori Hill/Prospect Park/City – Buses 66A, 67A – GoBus
  • Between Balaclava and University – Buses 63, 64 – GoBus
  • Between Kenmure and City – Bus 61 – GoBus
  • Between Concord to University via Kaikorai Valley – Buses 37, 38 – Ritchies
  • Mosgiel Loop – East circuit bus 80, West circuit bus 81 – GoBus
  • Between Mosgiel and City via Fairfield and Green Island – Bus 77 – GoBus
  • Between Brighton and Abbotsford and Green Island – Bus 70 – GoBus
  • Between Palmerston and Dunedin – Buses 1,2 – GoBus
Pine Hill/Shiel Hill/Opoho/Lookout Point
  • Between Opoho and Shiel Hill via City – Buses 10, 11 –  Ritchies
  • Between Opoho and Shiel Hill via City and South Dunedin – Buses – 10A, 11A – Ritchies
  • Between Pine Hill and Opoho (on evenings/Sundays/public holidays) –  7 – GoBus
  • Between Corstorphine and Lookout Point (on evenings/Sundays/public holidays) – 36  -GoBus
  • Between Pine Hill and Lookout Point via City – Buses 5, 6 – Ritchies
  • Between Pine Hill and Lookout Point via Liberton and City – Buses 5A, 6A – Ritchies
  • Between Pine Hill and Lookout Point via Dalmore and City – Buses 5B, 6B – Ritchies
  • Between Pine Hill and Lookout Point via Liberton, Dalmore and City – Buses 5C, 6C – Ritchies
  • Between Pine Hill and Lookout Point via City and Hillside Road – Buses 5E, 6F – Ritchies
  • Between Ocean Grove and Ross Creek via City – Bus 3 – GoBus
  • Between Corstorphine and City via St Clair Park and Middleton Road – Bus 32 – GoBus
  • Between Corstorphine and City via Middleton Road and St Clair Park – Bus 32A – GoBus
  • Between Corstorphine and City via Corstorphine Road and Caversham – Bus 33 – GoBus
  • Between City and Corstorphine via Caversham and Corstorphine Road – Bus 33A – GoBus
  • Between Corstorphine and City via Easther Cres, Hillside Road and St Clair Park (Saturdays) – Bus 32D – GoBus
  • Between City and Corstorphine via Hillside Road, Easther Cres and Middleton Road, (Saturdays) – Bus 34C – GoBus
  • Between City and Corstorphine via South Road and Corstorphine Road (Saturdays) – Bus 35C – GoBus
  • Between Corstorphine to City via Corstorphine Road and South Road (Saturdays) – Bus 32B – GoBus
Port Chalmers/City
  • Between Port Chalmers and City via George Street – Buses 13, 14 – GoBus
  • Between Port Chalmers and City via Castle Street – Buses 13A, 14A – GoBus
  • Between Port Chalmers and City via Careys Bay – Buses 13B, 14A – GoBus
  • Between Port Chalmers and City via Sawyers Bay (Saturdays) – Buses 13D, 14D – GoBus
Otago Peninsula (Portobello/Harington Point/City)
  • Between Portobello and City – Buses 17, 18 – GoBus
  • Between Harington Point and City – Buses 17A, 18A – GoBus
  • Between Harington Point and City via Harwood – Buses 17B, 18B – GoBus


Taxis in Dunedin

You need to get somewhere fast and you don’t care how much it costs: then getting a taxi in Dunedin is your best option. The taxi companies in Dunedin are:

  • Blue Bubble Taxis/Dunedin Taxis
  • Green Cabs
  • Southern Taxis
  • City United Taxis
  • Nab a Cab

The average starting fare is NZ$3, from there the tariff is usually NZ$3 per km. See how this compares with other New Zealand cities:

Nankai on Wikipedia

Dunedin Airport Transfers

There are a number of taxi services (see above) and shuttles offering door-to-door transport from Dunedin Airport to anywhere in Dunedin city. Airport shuttles in Dunedin include:

  • SuperShuttle
  • Airport Shuttles Dunedin
  • Kiwi Shuttles

Airport shuttles usually cost NZ$20-$25 for one passenger going between Dunedin Airport and a destination within a 5km radius of The Octagon (city centre). Adding extra passengers to your booking fractionally reduces the price per person.

Learn more about Which Airport to Arrive in New Zealand.

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