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Selling sailing experiences

Ohana Charters Auckland / Auckland Retail / Sales Paid position(Know your rights) 20% of everything you sell None but you should be condfident and enjoy taking to people you don't know

You’ll be responsible for selling day trips and/or holidays on a large sailing catamaran based in Auckland. We do day trips to the islands, parties on board and holidays sleeping aboard. You’ll be paid 20% of whatever you sell and each charter sells for an average of about $2000 so you make $400 for selling one. You could simply get together 24 other backpackers to share the cost of a charter (from $50 per person), a great opportunity to meet and chat to other backpackers while making money at the same time! Do one or two trips each week for a regular income. To make serious money try selling to the corporate market – at the moment lots of companies are deciding what to do for their office christmas parties. Go round small businesses with up to 24 staff and convince them to have their christmas party on a yacht (a very easy thing to sell!). Take 20% for each booking you get and you could easy make $1000 per day and have fun meeting interesting people along the way.

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