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Promoter at Nameydo

Nameydo GmbH Nationwide Tourism Paid position(Know your rights) 3$ per generated User None

Hey Guys ! We at Nameydo are looking for promoters .

Whats in it for you:
-This is a great opportunity for you to make (relatively) easy cash whilst on the go. You will receive 3$ per User that you generate.
– You choose when you work and how much you work
– Its something nice you can put on your cv ?

Still interested ? Good!
Ok lets actually start with what is Nameydo:

To put it simply, we are an online platform aiming to make travel cheaper and more accessible. We want to bring people together with similar interests to make travel more exciting, less costly and friendlier to the environment. We need people just like you to make it happen!

Ideal Profile :
-You yourself are a traveller.
-You are communicative and respectful ( we don`t want you harassing people to sign up )
-You are persuasive and just overall have good people skills
-You are creative and have your own idea on how to promote Nameydo. Of course we will guide you and make suggestions but at the end of the day it is your decision and we are looking for some creative input
– MOST IMPORTANTLY you are respectful: Keep in mind that you are representing Nameydo and we really care about our image, so be a nice person ! Even if you dont apply for this job ?

How will all of this work : After getting in touch with us, you will get your personal promo code and you will be set to go. Every user who signs up thanks to your efforts can be tracked with that code. You will then be rewarded for your work.

You can apply under the following email just send us a quick email saying why you are suited and ideally attach your cv. Then we will contact you and arrange a skype appointment.

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