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Au Pair on a Farm

Airlie Waipukurau / Hawke's Bay Au pair / Nanny Accommodation + Pay(Know your rights) Depending on hours None

My husband and I live with our newborn son on a sheep and beef farm in the beautiful sunny hawkes bay and we are looking for an Au Pair from September 18 onwards. Preferable you’d stay with us for at least 3-6 months

We are looking for an au pair from Germany as I’m German myself and I want to raise my son bilingual yet being the only person talking German to him may not be enough.

Due to our son being only 6 months when we would want you to start and the fact that we work on our own family Farm , you would not have to be alone with him …but just tag along with us during the day and keep him safe and entertained while we are working.
Our Farm is located 15min from waipukurau which has everything you need and we are 1h from Hastings / Napier the next closest big cities .

The sunny hawkes bay has lots to offer for you to do in your free time. Hiking, beach , tourist attractions – everything in close proximity.

Sam, my husband manages the family Farm . I Gudrun , aka cookie work part time as a veterinarian and help the other time on the Farm and train horses for other people.

This is our first child and we never had an au pair so we dont really have a fix plan yet how your day is going to look like.

But we wouldnt expect you to be alone with him….not for the first few months anywah. Yet we thought you would just come with us out on the Farm while I train horses or when we have to do work with our sheep or cattle.

We live on a 450 hectar farm with around 1500 sheep , 60 cows and 300 finishing bulls. I currently have 5 horses , mostly projects which I start train and sell and I also have always outside horses in training. We also have currently 11 dogs. 3 pet dogs and 9 work dogs. And we have one per sheep named Marshal one pet cow named Tinkerbell and one cat 😉
So as you see…you definitely have to be animal friendly besides enjoying to spend time with a toddler.

We are hoping to find somebody who will find as much joy out of living on a farm and around as many animals as we do.

We hope you will become part of our team and maybe have some ambition to also get involved into farm tasks. We don’t require you to do so but for example if there’s a time where you’d rather help Sam in the yards with the sheep for an hour while I watch my son….youd be more than welcome to do so.

It’s not a requirement but it would also be good if you either have some experience with horses or want to gain some. At least you shouldn’t be afraid of them.

Depending on your experience of course you would also have the opportunity to jump on a horse yourself once in a while if you want to.
As you can imagine…animals don’t know what a weekend is and so don’t farmers. That why we may ask you sometimes to stick around on the weekends yet we always catch up on free time and you would have week days of instead.

I couldn’t give you a fixed timetable yet but we are easy to talk to and I’m sure we find a compromise that suits everybody als we are aware that you also want to enjoy your time here.

We may ask you to help with some household tasks sometimes but nothing major.maybe cleaning of the kitchen and vacuuming.

You would have your own little room in a little outside building about 10meters from the main house which will give you and us some private space. Kitchen and bathroom is in the main house.

If you have a driver’s licence…we have a vehicle that you can freely use and you can also have if you want to discover the area and go away for the weekend.

And in regards to language…i would want you to talk German to Archie yet if you come here to improve your English….dont worry…I only talk English to Sam and everybody else here so you will still improve your English .

So if you are kids, animal and outdoor loving , not afraid of dogs and horses and always wanted to live on a New Zealand Farm….than that’s you and we can’t wait to meet you ;

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