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How to Get an ID Card in New Zealand

Hospitality New Zealand

The Kiwi Access Card (formerly the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card).

Do you get an overwhelming feeling of paranoia every time you go out carrying your precious passport as proof of age? Well you, kind BackpackerGuide.NZ reader, need to get yourself a Kiwi Access Card (formerly the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card or the HNZ 18+ Card)! The Kiwi Access Card is just one of three photographic evidence of age documents you can use to purchase alcohol in New Zealand.

Not only do you need a valid form of ID to even go inside many bars and clubs around New Zealand, you will always need it to buy alcohol from any liquor store of supermarket. All in all, it’s much easier and safer to carry a Kiwi Access Card around with your rather than your passport. Another form of valid ID for buying alcohol in New Zealand is a New Zealand driver license. Find out how to get one in Converting Your Driver License into a New Zealand Driver License.

Take a look at our quick guide below to see how to get one of these handy Kiwi Access Cards!

The Kiwi Access Card Application Form

To get your proof of age card you will need to fill in the Kiwi Access Card application form. You can either pick up a form from any PostShop or download and print the Kiwi Access Card Form.

You must complete the application and hand it in in-person at a PostShop along with the relevant documents (listed below) and the NZ$55 fee.

Note: The Kiwi Access Card is not a true form of identity that you can use to, for example, open a bank account in New Zealand. It is only used to show your proof of age when buying alcohol.

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The application is easy to fill out once you have all the supporting documents listed below!

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A passport-sized photograph.

The photo needs to be less than 12 months old and about 5cm by 4cm.

The same rules of your passport photo apply for the photo you need to provide for the Kiwi Access Card application – a clear full front view of your face and shoulders.

You can get your passport photo taken at an NZ PostShop, usually for around NZ$15-NZ$20. This is the safest method for getting the correct passport-style photo, as they will provide it in the correct size.


Proof of address

You need a document displaying the same address as the address you have given in the application.

  • a statement less than 12 months old from a bank, building society, credit union, credit card company or government department, or
  • a bill less than 6 months old, such as electricity, phone or internet, or
  • a letter from an employer or educational institute that is less than 12 months old.

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An original Photo ID

The ID must be current or expired under two years ago. These can be one of the following:

  • HNZ 18+ card/Kiwi Access Card
  • Passport
  • New Zealand driver licence
  • Firearms licence
  • Certificate of identity issued under the Passport Act 1992
  • Refugee travel document issued by or on behalf of the New Zealand Government

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If you don’t have the photo ID stated above…

you will need to fill out Step 5.1 of the application by both yourself and an ‘identifier’. You identifier also needs to write your name, the date and sign the back of your passport-sized photo.

You will need one of the following identification documents. Either:

  • a birth certificate showing your full name, any changes of name, date of birth, place of birth and parents’ names, ages and places of birth, or
  • a confirmation of residence permit issued by the New Zealand Government, or
  • a certificate of New Zealand citizenship, or
  • a certificate of identity issued under the Immigration Act 1987 (current or expired under two years ago).

You will need your identifier to fill in part of Step 5.1. Your identifier must:

  • be over 20 years old
  • have a current New Zealand passport, New Zealand photo driver licence, or 18+ Card
  • have known you for over a year
  • be able to state that you are over 18 years old
  • not be a relative, spouse, partner or living at the same address as you.


the $55 Fee

Finally, you will need to pay the NZ$55 fee, so take you bankcard or cash with you to the PostShop along with the above documents!

Now What?

What happens once you hand in the application and relevant documents to NZ Post?

  • Keep hold of your receipt until you have received your card.
  • NZ Post will send your application to be processed.
  • Your Kiwi Access Card will be delivered to you at the address stated in the application in about two weeks.
  • Then you can enjoy a hassle-free night out in Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown, for example.

For more information on the Kiwi Access Card, check out this article.

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