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Accommodation Guide to Taupo

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Where to find Cheap accommodation in Taupo.

Situated on the shores of New Zealand’s largest lake and in amongst a geothermal area, you can bet there are plenty of ways to spend your time in the town of Taupo. Whether you’re here to check out the natural hot springs, do a quick bike trail, or sail out onto the lake, you’re going to need to find some accommodation in Taupo. This accommodation guide to Taupo covers accommodation for both the short-term backpacker stay and the long-term working holidaymaker stay.

Taupo is not a huge city, but it is split into different suburbs. We’ve put together a quick list of the suburbs where you are likely to find some cheap accommodation, as well as outlining how far away they are from Taupo’s centre. This accommodation guide to Taupo is also split into accommodation types, so you can just skip straight to your preferred accommodation style!

So find a place to stay in Taupo using our nifty accommodation guide to Taupo!

Which Taupo suburb to find Accommodation in?

There is accommodation found all over Nelson. Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect in each Taupo suburb in relation to Taupo’s centre. For more about Taupo, check out Lake Taupo – Guide for Backpackers.

  • Taupo Central – Location: city centre, Distance from centre: you’re in it. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$155, Average hostel night: NZ$21-33
  • Nukuhau – Location: north of city centre, Distance from centre: 2min drive/15min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$140.
  • Hilltop – Location: southeast of city centre, Distance from centre: 5min drive/33min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$160.
  • Acacia Bay – Location: southwest of city centre, Distance from centre: 6min drive/1hour walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$180.
  • Invergarry – Location: east of city centre, Distance from centre: 7min drive/50min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$150.
  • Rainbow Point – Location: south of city centre, Distance from centre: 7min drive/1hour walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$150.
  • Rangatira Park – Location: north of city centre, Distance from centre: 3min drive/35min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$140.
  • Richmond Heights– Location: south of city centre, Distance from centre: 7min drive/1hour walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$130.
  • Tauhara – Location: northeast of city centre, Distance from centre: 5min drive/45min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$135.
  • Waipahihi – Location: southeast of city centre, Distance from centre: 5min drive/45min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$125.
  • Wharewaka – Location: south of city centre, Distance from centre: 9min drive/1h20min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$150.
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Hostels in Taupo

There are 9+ backpacker hostels in Taupo, all of which are found all over the city centre. There’s a good variety of hostels from the large and basic hostels to the flashpackers to the characterful hostels.

Hostel prices in Taupo usually start from NZ$25 per bed per night. We always recommend to book your bed a week or two in advance during the busy summer season, especially for the popular hostels recommended in 5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Taupo.

An extra tip: you can always keep the cost of living down along with an extended stay by working for accommodation in a Taupo hostel. For tips, have a look at How to Find Work for Accommodation in New Zealand.


Renting a room in Taupo

Renting a room is common practice in Taupo to keep the price to minimum when staying in Taupo long-term, usually done if you have landed a job in Taupo as part of a working holiday.

Rent prices in Taupo are pretty reasonable. Expect a room to rent in Taupo to be between NZ$120 to NZ$180 per week. That’s a room to yourself in a flatshare or houseshare.

For advice on how to find a room to rent in Taupo, have a look at our 6 Resources to Find a Room to Rent in New Zealand. Renting a room involves a more complicated process than staying in short-term accommodation, so get clued up by reading The Paperwork Process of Renting or Flatting in New Zealand.


AirBnB in Taupo

Stay with a local Taupo-dweller! AirBnB, the online network of people’s “spare rooms” available for accommodation, is relatively popular in Taupo. You can find AirBnB rooms mostly in the city centre, Nukuhau, Hilltop, Waipahihi, Richmond Heights and Rainbow Point.

However, at an average of NZ$165 per room per night, you’ll struggle to find an AirBnB room in Taupo at a backpacker price. There are limited NZ$40 rooms in Nukuhau, Hilltop and Waipahihi. Your first night with Airbnb is on us with this FREE NZ$45 Airbnb credit!

Consider using AirBnB for an alternative experience to hostels by spending time with locals, plus, they may just be located in more convenient suburbs for your needs.

For more information on Airbnb, check out Everything You Need to Know About Airbnb in New Zealand and 10 Tips to Make the Most of Airbnb in New Zealand.


Campgrounds and holiday parks in Taupo

Taupo is a great place to bring your campervan or pitch a tent thanks to the offering of both holiday parks and freedom camping grounds. Check out the full list of campsites in Taupo in Where to Camp in Taupo.

Holiday parks with powered sites and tent sites include:

Freedom campers can make use of the following campgrounds and freedom camping areas:

  • Reid’s Farm Recreational Reserve in the Rangatira Park area allows non-self contained vehicles and tents
  • Five Mile Bay Recreational Reserve in Wharawaka allows self-contained vehicles
  • Ferry Road is in central Taupo just towards the marina. Only self-contained vehicles can stay here.

Take a look at the 5 Free Camping Spots in Taupo for more information.

For information about camping, check out Camping in New Zealand and Accommodation Guide to Holiday Parks in New Zealand.

Useful information about Taupo

Other things you might want to know about Taupo:

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