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9 Reasons Why Charity Fundraising is an Awesome Backpacker Job


Make charity work part of your working holiday.

Learning about yourself and the world around you is an essential part of travelling. An ideal way to hone this experience is through charity fundraising. This very social job allows you to meet a huge variety of people, travel the country and is extremely rewarding.

We teamed up with UNICEF NZ to inspire you with some reasons for choosing charity fundraising as a working holiday job. We also spoke to Sarah Jane who is funding her travels with a job that has a positive effect on children all over the world.

UNICEF NZ is looking for backpackers to join their team! Have a look at their job listings now.

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1. Be a huge contribution to society!

Working for a charity means you can become part of making the world a better place for children, families, communities, wildlife, or whatever your charity supports.


2. Learn New Skills and improve on others

For example, self-motivation, focus and confidence. As annoying as this phrase is, it’ll be great for your CV! By the way, for more awesome stuff to put on your CV, check out How to Use a Gap Year as Valuable Experience on Your CV / Resume.


3. Get the chance to travel New Zealand

Jobs like fundraising allow you to travel New Zealand while spreading the word about your charity.


4. A great insight into the charity

By working for a charity, you get to learn about how the charity works and the impact it has around the world.


5. Make friends from all over the world

Not only do many charities in New Zealand hire people from overseas, but working with international charities means you could be working with and helping people across the globe. It’s one of the great ways to 8 Ways to Meet People When Travelling Alone in New Zealand.


6. Save money and continue your travels

The key element of a working holiday!


7. Can be part of a team or work independently

Charity work can involve different tasks that might require to be both independent and a team-player.


8. Put your can-do attitude to good use!

Charities need people who are outgoing and will use their motivation to do good!


9. make the most of your working holiday

Good job: check! Travel New Zealand: check! Be a saint by working for charity: check!


Working for UNICEF has changed my life

Sarah Jane tells Backpacker Guide NZ about her job as a UNICEF fundraiser

IMG_0103 - Copy

I have grown in confidence as a person. I wake up every morning excited to go to work, which I’ve never had before. And why wouldn’t I? My job is to try and make the world a better place for children and to encourage others to do the same – play their part.

I have made friends from every continent and visited so many beautiful places in New Zealand. It has taught me what’s important in life and that’s the people in it. By becoming a fundraiser you are not only helping yourself but also millions of children from around the world. Trust me, it’s the best feeling and the most rewarding.

I am privileged to be working for UNICEF and I hope to continue doing so!

Like the sound of Sarah’s job? Check out our job listings page for UNICEF NZ job opportunities.

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