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9 Reasons to Work Abroad at Least Once in Your Life


Because 10 reasons is too much of an even number…

There’s a whole world out there you need to experience from a working perspective at least once! Especially because nowadays it can be pretty easy to work overseas. And we might be slightly biased, but New Zealand is the ideal place to test this theory. All you need is a bit of determination and a decision to try. The key to that, if you are in your 20s, is the working holiday visa, which is easier to get than ever. If you have any doubts, just take a look at the free visa check with Working Holiday Starter to see if you are eligible.

So, if you really need convincing why working and living abroad at least once in your life is an absolute must, let us give you nine perfectly logical reasons. It’s time to renew your passport and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

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1. Make money; travel longer

Let’s be honest, money is always an issue when considering a long trip. When working abroad, you will be able to sustain your travels and stay longer in a country worth exploring. New Zealand has hundreds of amazing sights, whether they are famous fiords or hidden gems, that simply cannot be found when touring the country in a couple of weeks. Working abroad also helps you finance the next leg of your trip too, let it be neighbouring islands or even a month in Asia on your way back home.


2. Open to a New Culture

Same country, same issues, same friends and same discussions: that sums up most people’s lives nowadays. Despite living in a global world, many people are only exposed to the same thing over and over again without experiencing a new culture. Here in New Zealand, we see things very differently than somebody in the US, in Germany or in China, for example. Having lived overseas lets you gain perspective on everyday to global issues.

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3. Improve your CV/resume

Working overseas greatly enhances your employability. Employers love people that have been exposed to different work environments. You do not even have to be working in your field, as you will gain transferable skills by working overseas in almost any industry. We have made an whole article on how to present your gap year on your CV/resume.


4. Try a new career path

If you are unsure what you would like to do for the rest of your life, why not try a few things out? When working in New Zealand you will be given the opportunity to try a few different things and see what you like and what you don’t. Contrary to most cultures, here we prefer hiring people with a can-do attitude over somebody with a lengthy CV. Even with little to no experience, we’ll give you a shot.


5. Gain a global understanding of your industry

If you already know what you want to do and decide to focus on your industry of choice, working overseas has advantages too. We are living in a global world but each country still has a flair of its own. Being able to understand those differences and how things are done on the other side of the world will prove to be an asset to your career.


6. Build up confidence

Working overseas and taking a gap year in general is an incredible confidence boost. You will start your career from scratch in an unknown country. There’s just no greater challenge than that. Employers will recognise that too.


7. Become super adaptable

Working in a different country means there is some degree of change that you will need to adapt to. In turn, you will gains skills for life: being more adaptable, open-minded and resourceful. You are practically a chameleon!


8. Make great friends

Whether you are working in the exact same field as before or trying something completely new, you will be meeting some totally different people than what you would at home. Your co-workers are likely to be from places in the world you never even thought about. Did I hear “free accommodation for the rest of my round the world trip?!”


9. It’s the greatest adventure

Just ask anyone that has travelled before! When looking back at their youth they will start daydreaming about that time they worked abroad. By trading everything you know about your life for complete freedom, you open the door to the greatest adventure of your life. Trust us, this is not an understatement. Work abroad: you will not regret it!


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