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17 Unique New Zealand Foods


Food, glorious food!

Nothing beats a cultural experience than tasting the local cuisine. For New Zealand, the cuisine involves pies, drinks and spreads… But, let’s be honest, New Zealand’s foods mostly consist of candy, biscuits and desserts. Yum!

To wash down all this food, take a look at 11 Drinks You Have to Try in New Zealand.


1. L&P

Lemon & Paeroa: a soft drink invented in Paeroa.


2. Georgie Pie

A fast-food chain hoping to be and New Zealand homegrown alternative to international fast-food chains. Funny enough, they have now been bought by McDonald’s.


3. Whittaker’s Chocolate

Dreamy chocolate in a variety of flavours!


4. Hokey Pokey ice cream

Honey comb ice cream with a different name. A true New Zealand kiwiana!


5. Wattie’s ketchup

Mix homegrown Wattie’s and the much-loved tomato sauce and you have Wattie’s tomato sauce!


6. Pavlova

Meringue, fruit and creamy goodness.


7. Hangi

A traditional Maori cooking method of using an underground oven.


8. Paua

Paua is a shell used on jewellery and souvenirs in New Zealand, as well as being the dish Paua fritters.


9. Jaffas

Orange chocolate balls. They are exploited to race in Dunedin at the Cadbury Chocolate Festival.


10. Pineapple lumps

Chocolate coated pineapple sweet.


11. Chocolate fish

Chocolate covered marshmallow shaped like fish.


12. Lamintons

Sponge cake with a jelly and coconut shavings coating.


13. Afghan biscuits

Chocolate biscuits topped with a walnut.


14. Anzac biscuits

More biscuits! An oat and coconut delight!


15. Coffee

Definitely not unique, but coffee is part of New Zealand’s comfort coffee culture.


16. Kiwifruits

Not unique to New Zealand, but they grow the delicious juicy fruits here.


17. Marmite

Not an exclusive New Zealand food but something to respond to Australia’s vegemite! Sanitarium Marmite is the New Zealand brand of marmite.


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