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15 Seriously Romantic Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in New Zealand

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What to do for New Zealand Valentine’s Day.

So it’s Valentine’s Day. You’re in New Zealand. What the hell are you gonna do? By this point you’re probably think “why didn’t I just take her to Paris?” But don’t jump the gun just yet! New Zealand has some seriously romantic things to do and we’re going to go through them right here! Your Valentine’s Day in New Zealand will be sorted!

Whatever kind of couple you are, there are some extremely romantic things to do for Valentine’s Day in New Zealand. The great thing is that in New Zealand, Valentine’s Day means summer so you have all the outdoor activities at your calling so you can take your special someone on a date they’ll never forget!

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1. Do a Tandem Bungy jump

Nothing says “I love you” quite like hurtling to the ground wrapped up in your lover’s arms. If you’re an adventurous couple of crazy people then bungy jumping for Valentine’s Day is definitely the way to go. Check out which bungy jumps in New Zealand allow tandem in 7 Epic Places to Bungy Jump in New Zealand.

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2. Slip into a steamy hot pool

Ok, so it might be a little warm in February for hot pools in New Zealand but just pray for rain and go get steamy! There’s no lack of hot pools in New Zealand thanks to a bit of geothermal help. So slip into a hot pool or even treat yourselves to a private pool and relax the day away (or as long as you can stand in hot water).


3. Carve a greenstone necklace together

Thing to do for Valentine’s Day in New Zealand: Check! Valentine’s Day gift: Check! Kill two birds with one stone with this genius Valentine’s Day activity idea. There are several places around New Zealand, including the West Coast and Stewart Island, where you can carve your own greenstone pendant. Traditionally, you gift a greenstone pendant to someone else to make it your loved-one! For design ideas, head on over to The Greenstone Pendant Meanings.


4. Share a New Zealand sunset

New Zealand has some of the most vivid and stunning sunsets. There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with a bottle of bubbles and some beach cuddles.


5. Exploit her animal instinct…

… With a wildlife activity! New Zealand has a great deal of beautiful wildlife! Watch the cuteness overload together like seal pups playing in the rocky shore pools or kiwi birds being all fluffy and cute. The possibilities are endless, so take a look at 9 Incredible Wildlife Activities in New Zealand to get started.


6. Go on a romantic cruise

A cruise has to be one of the most romantic activities out there. And in New Zealand, you are spoiled for choice. Gaze at breathtaking scenery together as you glide along the pristine lakes of sheltered off-shore waters. As this is a website for backpackers, we’ll keep thing affordable yet awesome with this list of 12 Stunning Cruises in New Zealand to inspire you.

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7. Test your relationship in a double kayak

They say a true test of a relationship is kayaking in a double kayak. Maybe Valentines Day is definitely a good time to try this out? If things go wrong, at least you have the stunning New Zealand coastline, rivers and lakes for distraction. Tourism NZ

8. Have some lupin lovin’ in Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo surrounded by lupins is a top spot in New Zealand for wedding photography, so that’s got to mean something! Take some cute couple photos together among the romantic scenery of pink and purple flowers and the brilliant blue Lake Tekapo.

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9. Do some wine tasting

There’s something about wine tasting that seems to sophisticated and romantic. How can it not impress your lover? Visit a cellar door in a great deal of places in New Zealand from Marlborough to Waiheke Island and more!

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10. Roll down a hill in a giant hamster ball

If you’re relationship is built on nonsense and crazy excitement, then consider this wild ride! Zorb and Ogo in Rotorua allow the two of you to jump into this giant inflatable hamster ball and let gravity take you for a spin.


11. take here to the love potion factory

I.E. a brewery. Maybe your other half is more into beer so treat them to the biggest love potion of all, beer! Here are some brewery tours you might want to try out.


12. make sweet chocolate

Chocolate is the go-to gift for Valentines Day but you can definitely one-up this by going to make your own chocolate together. Chocolate factories in Invercargill, for instance, are often happy to do workshops for keen chocolate fiends.


13. Impress her on a horse

Picture the scene: galloping through the fields surrounded by beautiful New Zealand scenery on top of a noble steed. You’re lover will not be able to take her eyes of you! Pick your perfect horse riding location in 11 Awesome Horse Treks in New Zealand.


14. See dolphins

The excitement of seeing dolphins with your loved one awakens affections that just can’t be explained so we won’t try to… Cos we’re not making this sh*t up.

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15. Go out for a romantic kiwi meal

So Kiwi food doesn’t exactly evoke images of “romance” but take that fish n’ chips takeaway to the waterfront or eat that Hangi meal to the sound of Maori love song and you have yourself one hell of a romantic evening. Alternatively, you could also go for “high tea”, because you’ve never had a reason for this fancy behaviour before. Try the high tea at the Chateau Tongariro or Zealong, New Zealand’s only tea plantation.


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