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Working Holiday Visa Online Application Guide – Part 2

Lodging an application.

Welcome back to our walkthrough on how to apply online for a working holiday visa in New Zealand.

This guide is “Part 2: Lodging an Application” of your online application process for your working holiday visa in New Zealand.

Find here “Part 1: Registering on Immigration NZ website” and “Part 3: Confirmation and Payment”.

Working Holiday Insurance

7. After clicking on the link from the email you received, you should be back to the same page where we started. Log in using the username and password that you just set up.


8. On the right side under “online services”, select “working holiday”.


9. In this new window, select your country of origin on the bottom of the page and click “Ok”.

Note: if this window does not open, try another web browser or check your pop up settings.

10. If your scheme is available, click on “apply now”.

Note: if your scheme is not available check your country’s scheme opening date and time on this page.

11. Fill up all your personal details then hit “save”. After this is done click on “identification” under the personal tab.


12. Fill up your passport details then hit “save”. You can now click on “occupation details” under the personal tab.


13. This section is optional, we advise you to skip it. However, if do want to complete it, enter your industry and occupation in the fields provided and search for a matching item in the list. It is quite confusing, so if you are unsure leave it blank and move on to the “health” tab.


14. Answer “yes” or “no” to all the health questions listed. If you answer yes to any of them, explain in the box at the bottom. Hit “save” and move on to the “character” tab.


15. Same process here, answer “yes” or “no” to all the character questions listed. If you answer “yes” to any of them, explain in the box at the bottom. Hit “save” and move on to the “working holiday specific” tab.


16. Answer all the working holiday specific questions then hit “save” for the last time!

Note: Your intended date of travel does not have to be the exact date, this is for survey purposes only. If your dates are still open, no need to panic!


17. Now all the tabs should show a green tick logo as you have completed the whole application. You can now click on “next” and pass on to the Part 3 of this guide.


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