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8 Adrenalin Activities in Auckland


Get your Auckland adrenalin fix!

In the world’s most adrenalin-filled country it comes as no surprise that you can start getting into the action as soon as you get off the plane. Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, is most backpackers and working holidaymakers’ place of arrival. It’s an instant adrenalin kick to find so many adventure activities even in the heart of the city centre.

Jump off the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building, walk along the top of the iconic Harbour Bridge with hundreds of vehicles speeding beneath you, or speed underneath the bridge yourself in an America’s Cup sailing race. Once you’ve had your dose of urban adrenalin, head into the wild Waitakere Ranges for some canyoning or to New Zealand’s most powerful surf beach at Piha.

To top it all off, how about seeing it all from 16,500ft? That’s the maximum height of an Auckland skydive, which is the highest in the North Island… And the list goes on below!


1. Canyoning

Who knew that the big city of Auckland had so much nature to offer? In the nearby Waitakere Ranges lies some of the best canyoning in the country with challenging rappel cliffs and huge waterfalls. There is even an option to go canyoning at night and spot a few glowworms along the way. For more canyoning activities in New Zealand, check out 6 Impressive Canyoning Locations in New Zealand.


2. Skywalk / Skyjump

The iconic Auckland Skytower opens its doors to the fearless… Literally! “The door is open, now jump!” Choose to “Skyjump” from the top of the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building in a controlled jump or “Skywalk” around the top of the tower’s outer ring. The Skywalk offers incredible views of Auckland like no other. Although terrifying, this is our favourite of the both options.


3. Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy

Another icon of New Zealand’s biggest city is its Harbour Bridge. As an adrenalin junky, you’ve got two choices to get your fix: on top of the bridge or under the bridge. Choose to slowly climb it and feel on top of the world with a unique view of the Auckland Skyline from up there or get yourself in the small pod under where a fun crew will tie your feet together and let you bungy jump from it. Check out some more fun spots to jump from in 7 Epic Places to Bungy Jump in New Zealand.


4. Skydiving

Like every major city and non-major city in New Zealand, Auckland has a few skydiving options for backpackers eager to test themselves right out of the airport gate. Just landed in New Zealand a couple of days ago? Over the jet lag? Good, get back on a plane a jump from it! Plus, skydiving in Auckland is a great way to see the whole Hauraki Gulf and all its islands. Check out some more free falling madness at 12 Places to Tandem Skydive in New Zealand.


4. America’s Cup Sailing

The America’s cup is a sailing race where teams from all over the world compete to sail around the globe. Needless to say, their sailing boats are the Formula One of the seas. Auckland is one of the rare places in the world where the public gets to sail those very same boats and be part of the crew. Sweat is guaranteed, but don’t worry, the team is with you the whole way – no experience is needed.


6. Mountain biking

The best known spot for safe but challenging mountain biking in Auckland is Woodhill Forest. Despite the fact that it lies about 45 minutes away from Auckland and that your GPS will direct you to the wrong road (type in “Restall Road” instead), the park is well appointed and offers really fun options. Get the whole guide of peddling fun by checking out Mountain Biking in Auckland.


7. Surf

Kiwis love their waters and any way to take it on is a good way. So it comes as no surprise that surfing is kind of a big thing here. Auckland features some pretty neat surf spots, with the most famous being Piha Beach. (Check out some more surf beaches in 10 Places to Surf on the North Island). The long stretch of black sand is buzzing with surfers almost all year long. Be aware that this is also one of the most dangerous beaches in the country, so know what you are doing or go with a surf instructor.


8. Zip-lining

Waiheke Island is New Zealand’s premium island, with luxurious wineries, large villas and… screaming backpackers above. Zip-lining is a fun way to get some real speed though the forest and race your friends along the way thanks to all three lines drawn side-by-side across the forest.


More fun in Auckland!

Check out these articles to give you more inspiration on what to do in Auckland.

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